Friday, March 14, 2014

Wine: Tobin James James Gang Reserve Port

Recently we went on a ski trip in Pennsylvania.  Really, the Husband did all the skiing, and it was good that he was finally skiing with people (his college friends) who were at the same level as him, versus me (very inexperienced and sloppy).

The last of his college friends are getting married this year. So it was fun to chat up with the fiance's while the guys braved the slopes. I had so much fun looking at their wedding plans, the beautiful dresses, color schemes, and menus, and simultaneously with a glass of port.

Weddings are fun and exciting and I am glad to be an attendee and get to witness the happy day of others.

I also have been reflecting on the last year. We have been in Minnesota for a year now. I never thought we would really be here. It was something we discussed at times sure, even before our wedding a couple of years ago. But I think there was a smug part of me that always thought "yeah, that will never happen. How can we leave California?"

And then one day we did.

Winters are bad. I don't think I will ever 100% like winter. Because as soon as I soften towards it, I just a s quickly go back to despising it. But here we are, in a state that has 4 beautiful seasons. And I am happier now. I miss my friends and family, but I get to see them, talk to them, facetime with them. And they can come and see us. And after a year, change is not so bad.

Wine certainly helps.

Let's talk about this Port, shall we?

2010 Vintage, and Tobin James describes it as a Portuguese style  Port. It is very smooth and not super sweet. People are turned off by super sweet Ports all the time, so this one is refreshingly not. And it has a nice raisin flavor that I love. It is easy to drink pairs amazingly well with chocolate and pretzels. Or chocolate covered pretzels. Or chocolate covered raisins. But then again port and chocolate are soul sisters, so that's no surprise, right?

Anyway. If you aren't a Port fan, this bottle of Tobin James is a good one to get you reacquainted and maybe make amends with your taste buds. After all, there is always a new "spring of hope" to look forward to.

Okay, that was a cheesy ploy at making a spring from the doom of this long winter joke. Never mind. Just drink wine until spring comes and you will be okay. Okay? Okay.

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