My obsession with food started at a young age. I could binge-watch Food Network Programming all day. To my husbands dismay, I still can.

Initially, I went to school to study Dietetics, but somewhere along the way changed my focus to Accounting since I already had experience in that field as a student employee.  That didn't change my love of food science, fascination with metabolism, and my overall appreciation for cooking.

Fast forward this life long fascination to 2008 or 09, where I went to my first wine tasting along Fresno's Wine Trail at Milla Vineyards.  The only other thing I had gone to before was Fresno's  Art Hop events, where wine could be served while you viewed local artists exhibitions.  While exposure to wine intrigued my fascination, attending wine trails just stimulated it further. How exciting it is, to do what I call "drink local". The harvests of wine from your own backyard, your community? It's so fascinating, to get a sample of your region.

And so, my fascinations grew from just food, but to wine, and the pairing and celebration of the two. I feel lucky to have grown up in an atmosphere that catered to these indulgences; a town with an abundance of farmers markets, art culture, diverse culture for that matter, and vineyards.

So I created this blog to share recipes, talk about food and wine, wineries, restaurants, and catalog these taste bud experiences and adventures.


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