Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Recipe: Flour Tortillas

We aren't much of a "Sliced Bread" household. Maybe it started around the time I was adding whole grains and more fiber to my diet, that my IBS symptoms flared up. And maybe its when the Husband and I went *almost Paleo* for a year in 2012, that we really gave it up. But I do have a soft spot for warm fluffy tortillas, and I would cheat being Paleo for a crisp, panini pressed tortilla stuffed with cheese.

In fact, my typical "grilled cheese" is a quesadilla. But really, who doesn't love pan seared bread with melty, go-ey, savory cheese? If you don't, the existence of your soul may be questionable.

Lately, and ironically when the Subway Plastic Bread scandal started, I stopped buying my "enriched carbohydrate" products, or, well, breads. While I am no longer Paleo driven, I am what I think of as "Carb Conscious. (really, it's hard to be 100% paleo when you have IBS - Coconut Flour and Coconut Oil are not the best friends of your digestive track, and after my first attempt at biscuits with coconut flour, I was in a bought of nausea so intense I would have through I was stuck on a merry-go-round of doom).

What do I mean by "Carb Conscious"? Well, there is a distinct difference between eating a bunch of processed Breads, cakes, cookies, and chips, vs preparing and eating whole grains yourself. Examples: I will eat sweet potatoes, rice, or lentils, in substitute of sliced bread and butter. Now this isn't all the time. Sometimes, we give in. Sometimes, nothing quite compares to a hot dog bun at a summer's BBQ. Sometimes, hot bread and butter are the exemplary complements of that bottle of wine you are downing.

And if you are going to eat baked goods - why not skip the cruddy preservatives and extra salt and funky stuff and make your own, fresh, fluffy, soft bread.

Tortilla's are a great place to start for people who definitely don't that the patience for yeast based dough.

A Taste of Home has this awesome olive oil tortillas recipe. They are soft, fluffy, and savory. And the Husband devoured them last Saturday with breakfast burritos. Literally. They were all gone.

The recipe makes 8, 6 inch tortillas. I think I will need to double the recipe to make "burrito" or "Husband size" tortillas, because he has always been a fan of a bigger shell. Start to finish, cook time was less than an hour. And while the cost of buying grocery store  tortillas may even itself out in a "to make or to buy" analysis, I know exactly what is in these tortillas (and if you are afraid of GMO flour, you can always find/order a brand that is Non GMO.)

Even if you aren't the most avid cook, try making homemade tortillas. Really. Just try. Because, like in most cases involving food, nothing beats fresh off the skillet.

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