Friday, March 28, 2014

Wine Clubs: Club W

Over the summer, I vaguely remember reading about Club W. It wasn't until I saw an add in my Facebook feed that I thought "I need to try this".

Club W offers a wine club experience that is not exclusive to one winery. They select wines for you based off of a quiz you take when you sign up. It's personalized to your palate. Pretty cool right? It is.  Their website is pretty slick too, streamlined for ease of navigation and includes a fabulous stockpile of recipes for pairing with the wines. 

I got my first shipment last week. First shipments are discounted, you just pay for shipping and sales tax. So for a total of $28.85 after shipping ($6.00) and tax ($3.85), and a $20.00 discount. I would definitely recommend having it delivered to your place of work if you live in a small town. Since it is alcohol, signature's are obviously required at time of delivery. They shipped this shipment via Fedex (not sure if they consistently do that), which can be a pain if you live in a small town  that doesn't have a Fedex and the closest one is 40 miles away.#smalltownproblems. 

 Anyway, shipping was pretty quick. I am just letting my wines rest a week. I am a firm believing that travel makes the wine disturbed and resting it will allow it to settle, and the flavors to recover from shock.

I am, however, very excited to try these wines:

2012 Oliver Row Cabernet Franc - Columbia Valley WA
2012 Brethren of the Road Syrah - Mendocino CA
2012 Cosmopolitan Sauvignon Blanc - United States (literally, that's what it says for origin).

Keep an eye out for updates!

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