Monday, June 24, 2013

Food: B & B Cafe

This morning my bro and I ventured out to a local breakfast house. Word around town is that they have phenomenal food and gigantic pancakes.

Who doesn't like big pancakes?

But I was craving my usual breakfast house staple - biscuits and gravy. 

Another usual-something my girlfriends and I always got was hot chocolate with our breakfast. I was not disappointed at all to find various hot chocolates on the menu; regular, mint, and turtle!

It was  eat cafe and I totally get the hype. It's local, small, cute little diner with friendly staff and a calm atmosphere. 

The coffee was good. My breakfast was phenomenal! Chunky sausage gravy over a salty biscuit. My eggs were good - I always take them over hard because I love that texture of the yoke. Standard hash. It was all. About. The gravy

I will go back. And try the pancakes, French toast, breakfast burger, andddddd the nut roll and cinnamon roll. And probably all the hot chocolates. But this place was a total find/win. There is something crazy cool about finding really good local eats.

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