Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Food: Big Bowl

One day a few weeks ago, we went to the city (Minneapolis). We explored the Mall of America which was neat. It kinda reminded me of airport shopping mixed with Las Vegas. The Husband and I prefer a less hectic shopping experience, so we made our way to Edina Valley for some lunch in the Galleria Mall, at Big Bowl

Hibiscus Iced Tea

Big Bowl is a hip stir fry restaurant that serves Chinese and Thai dishes. You can build your own creation, or order off the menu which is exactly what we did. I had the Steak and Noodles, with Fresno Chili Peppers (they are everywhere out here but I never noticed them when I lived in Fresno!).

It was outta-this-world. The noodles were made fresh, and pan fried. Whole wheat goodness! The sauce was thick but not overpowering, and the steak was tender and juicy with subtle heat coming from the chilies. Really, the sauce reminded me kinda of my childhood and a Hye Deli staple Pekmez. But that's another story. All you need to know is this sauce was syrupy-delicous.

And for desert, tiramisu mochi!

It was similar to chocolate mochi. I think the differentiating factors was the caramel or chocolate sauce it was plated it. The chocolate was alright. Nothing spectacular. But the caramel? It was like a melted, vanilla-y rollo.  I started to eat it by the spoonful - that's how good it was.

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