Monday, May 6, 2013

Wine by mail: Tobin James (and gifts from friends) + 2nd Month in MN

It's been 2 months since the move. I miss spring time in California, miss family, miss friends....

But you can't rehash the past in your head if you want to move forward. Move forward, and make a new life.

In the beginning of the month of April, I started a new job... Which is why I haven't been posting! I am a Business Manager for a Power sports Store. It's kinda a foreign language at times - car talk. Vin and Model Numbers, Contracts. The Accounting is probably the language that comes the easiest. But the staff is friendly (I think that is the Minnesota way.

We received a large and awesome shipment from Tobin James which virtually restocked our wine fridge. AND we received a package of snacks/goodies from our good friend (and drinking buddy!) that consisted of all our usual favorites.

Fresh and Easy Haul! Tortillas, granola, crackers, PISTACHIOS , and One Huge Hunk Chocolate Bars

Our wine fridge is actually bigger now. We took a road trip to PA to see the in-laws and attend a bridal shower and co-Bachelor/Bachelorette party for some of the Husbands College Buddies (actually they go back to Middle School)... My inlaws picked us up some wine from Grovedale (did a review of that winery awhile back...) so I am excited to pop open a bottle from there as well. We will be getting our Quady and Eberle shipments soon too. It's soooo nice getting wine by mail! A taste of home!

The trip was good. I was starved for human contact! Despite working, and seeing people everyday, it's SO <i>different</i> to see people you actually know, and to have that kind of connection/communication.

The weather is getting back to normal here too. We had a snow storm on May Day, [yes, May 1st]. 13 inches, power outages, transformers blown, and trees down.  If that isn't preparing me for winter, I don't know what will.

In contrast, today is 57, sunny, and green green green. The dogs are soaking it up and happy.

Its hard, sometimes. When the weather is gloomy, it kinda makes you gloomy too. I started taking B12 to help with fatigue but it's also helped with my depression (yes I was very homesick). I still am homesick but it's far more manageable.

Groceries are more expensive here. So are oil changes. Hair cuts are about the same, but massages are way cheaper. Gas is cheaper. Dairy is cheaper.  It's interesting to see the economics of where you are at, and the price fluctuations based on demand.

It's also discouraging to find limited availability of Almond Milk or  Coconut milk that doesn't come in a can, hydrogenated oil free tortillas, and a decent spice selection (does no one use just straight basil? so many herb blends!).  There are no Starbucks, no gold cards. Just Caribou, and local Prairie Wind Cafe [Prairie Winds does make a good roast that is not bitter, but is strong, with nutty, full body flavor!]. In some ways it's a whole new world.

But people are genuinely friendly here.  And it's an active community. People are always outside, walking, running, bike riding, walking their dogs. And they are friendly. Which isn't so much like California (everyone there seems to mind their own).

So it's give and take. But we are settling. And I can't complain, life is still good.

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