Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wine: a Month of it.

Moving is Chaotic. Drinking wine is not.

Okay, it can be when you are trying to clear your wine fridge.

So I am presenting to you the wine I have been drinking for the past month to empty said wine fridge. It is a sad time for me; I like to be fully stocked with special wines from wineries we have visited. The bright side? I get to refill the fridge once we are all settled in.... [insert mischievous smile here].*

Alapay Late Harvest Viognior - Pineapple and Apricot notes similar to a moscato, Avila Beach, CA

Fancy Schmancy Chimays

Cypher's Phoenix - Syrah, Paso Robles CA

Tobin James Sangiovese & Zinfandel, Paso Robles CA **
We already drank the Sangiovese, Saving the Zinfandel for our first night in our new home.
**Gifts from my Husbands Coworkers, year subscription included!

Girl talk nights over wine were much needed.  This night included sharing a bottle and a half and talking til 2:00 am. 
Col Di Sasso Cab Sav & Sangiovese Blend (Excellent!)
Big Kahuna (Fresh & Easy , 2.99 comparable to 2 buck Chuck) Shiraz

Alban Vineyards Reva 2008 Syrah was actually a rare find at a local Liquor Store [Old Doc's].
Alban Syrah's usually sell out as soon as they are stocked. It really helped that I was skimming the enire store by chance and found it. It is  the most expensive  wine I have purchased [At 89 dollars] but it was a Christmas gift to my husband; his favorite wine maker. We opened this bottle to celebrate our new beginnings. It was a true Syrah and aging had done it well. I can see what all the fuss is about ***

Ah, the 2008 lace. DeLorimier makes outstanding reds (award winning). This was one of the first wineries we stopped at on our trip up the California and Oregon Coast the summer of 2009. In 2010, my would-be in laws joined us in revisiting this winery and became members. 5 years later we drank this bottle, rich and syrupy, but not too sweet.

For me, wine holds memories of the tastings, of good times with loved ones, and a sensory experience (aromas and tastes). My wine fridge is really a sentimental vessel that takes me back to these shared times, these memories.  

The best part of emptying my fridge? Sharing the wine with Friends and family, and knowing new memories are to come.

*Dear recycled wine bottles; I know I drank more of you, and if you are not on this list, I am terribly sorry. I still enjoyed you, but simply forgot to photograph you.
**Gifts from my Husbands Coworkers, year subscription included!
*** 50 Shades of Grey Author EL James names Alban Vineyard  wines in her book series (in Fifty Shades Darker, chapter Six). It's kinda cool to be able to say you enjoyed drank fancy pants wine; We adore the Roussanne though I can't recall if we have had the 2006 Estate Roussanne that was named in the book (Alban Estate Grenache 2006 was also named). Now to get my hands on a La Grande Annee Rose 1999 Bollinger Champagne, though the price has inflated due to the books release and popularity.

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