Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Food: The Grilled Chz

I have been running around town, meeting friends and family for food and drinks in the midst of all this packing. I have eaten LOTS of good food in the process. Today's adventure was The Grilled Chz

The Grilled Chz is a fun spin on a classic grilled cheese. I split a BorderBob and a Double Cream Brie Delight with my sister.

BorderBob: Pepperjack cheese with Spicey Chili, Fritos, Fire Roasted Salsa with Cilantro Lime Butter on a Jalapeno crusted White Bread. [I would pair with a Pinot Noir or Syrah, personally]

Double Cream Brie Delight:  Double Cream Brie Cheese with Fig Paste, Almonds, and smoked Turkey or Bacon on White Bread. [Would be exceptional with wine. A crisp white!]


We also got a cup of Tomato Basil Bisque, and a Half and Half 6 piece order of  deep fried mac and cheese balls (3) JALAPENO & (3) with BACON!

[Pardon my italics, I am only salivating over here].

Everything we sampled was delicious. I really wish they offered a sampler platter of their suggested grilled cheese sandwhiches, although, you can build your own and the options are endless.

From what I understand they are opening a second location in Northwest Fresno. I think that's great and well worth it. They have truly taken comfort food to a fun, artsy fartsy whole new level.

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