Friday, July 13, 2012

Vino Travels: Vino Volo

I absolutely love the idea of wine tasting at the airport. Recently the Husband and I travelled back east to visit family & attend our East Coast Reception courtesy of my sweet in-laws, spent some time in DC and flew outta IAD Dulles. I don't think you could understand how ecstatic I was when the Husband told me there was a wine tasting joint in the airport. I probably jumped up and down. I know I squealed.

We sampled the Think Pink (rośes), Italian Stallion (Sangiovese), and Shades of White (Pinot Grigio).

I was thoroughly impressed. The Husband had some cheesy pasta penne thing, and I had some cured meats platter.

It is such a relaxing feeling, drinking delish wine & goofing off on my iPad, right before a flight, as the "night cap" to an exhaustingly fun trip.

Every airport EVERYWHERE should have a Vino Volo or Equivalent. EVERY airport EVERYWHERE!

Caves de I'Angevine's Rosé de Anjou was my favorite - a Rosé wine that tasted of watermelon and white chocolate. I didn't notice the white chocolate as much, but the watermelon was reminiscent of a summer afternoon spent by the pool. Yeah, it's cheesy, but all I wanted to do as I tasted that delicious elixir was throw on my bikini and sun bathe.

Don't judge me.

But seriously, if you haven't been to a Vino Volo, and have the opportunity to go, GO! It's chill, it's delicious, they know their wines (all of them were delicious, I am just sulky and reminiscent of the Rosé de Anjou because the Husband type person did not allow me to purchase said wine ... Could be the fact that we stowed 6 bottles of gifted booze from our reception (2 beer, 1 spiced run, and 3 bottles of wine) in our checked baggage already...

Don't judge me!!!

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