Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From cookies to goodies

Months ago, in December, I started blogging about 25 days of cookies. While it did broaden my cookie horizons, (and my pants size), I decided to expand my internet presence from just cookies. Thus - eff that, an homage to things I love, which happen to begin with the letter F.

This weekend was a mass of fun activities: my in-laws-to-be were in town, I graduated (got my Bachelors! Yes!), had a birthday, engagement dinner, and drank copious amounts of [fine] wine. The Fiance decided to pay tribute yet again to one of our favorite web shows epic meal time by making an epic omelet filled with epic bacon on an epic bed of bacon and topped with epic cheese. Needless to say, it was pretty epic.

In between the excitement of 3 (count em'! 3!) graduation ceremonies, my girls (aka bestest friends in the history of best friends) bestowed upon me a mess of goodies. While last year seemed to be the birthday of Cupcakes, this year was the birthday of wine. Lead free stemless wine glasses, cupcake wine glass charms, a wine rack, bottles of wine, and alas, my very own version of Cougar Town's "Big Carl" - Penelope the Monster.

But much to my surprise, G, my fiance had the same thoughts in mind. I came home from the last final of my college career Thursday night, to find him putting together a monster of a machine! My very own wine fridge [holds up to 50 bottles] and though is apparently flawed in that the cold is not evenly distributed, beautifully chills reds at the top, and whites at the bottom.

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