Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Awesome Stuff

Day 7 of full time job hunting status. That is my new occupation [past the full time student bit]. Yes, scanning job posting websites, looking through the inter-webs of businesses, and scrutinizing my resume/reference list are on my every day to-do list.

The bright side of being home? Bonding time with the dogs. Surfing through my book marked recipes and creating a grocery list. Working on checking off wedding to-do's. Having the time to exercise again [big YES!]. And, dancing around in your skivvies to indie music blaring off the pandora app on your phone as you fold laundry and wrestle the socks out of your terrier's iron jaw.


There are simple pleasures. So I'd like to think of this state of unemployment as a "vacation" for all my hard work and dedication.

Today's simple pleasures include:

1) Paper Source Catalog - can't wait to thumb through the adorable stationary.
2) Victoria's Secret (VS) Love Me perfume - just discovered it is on clearance. Going to stock up.
3) June/July edition of Harper's Bazaar
4) A thank you from the Trend Boutique for the recent purchase of a dress, Bridesmaid dress actually ( my sister is getting married in June!)

Its the little things that keep you going. :)

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