Friday, December 13, 2013

Wine: Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Charles Smith hales from my neck of the woods. Okay, not quite, he is from Sacramento, and that's not exactly Fresno. But he does make a great wine, or two (considering I have only had two).

Now, he makes wines in Washington. What's so special about Washington State wines you ask?

Oh, they are only the way more affordable counterpart and adversary to Napa wines, with similar regional conditions that produce a quality  vino. That's all.

Now that I have given you some background, lets go back to discussing this delicious Reisling: Kung Fu Girl.

I have never been too big on Reislings - they don't always sit right with me. This was good. It was light, sweet, but not overly sweet. It had a nice balance of acidity, with some mild notes of peach. Bust out the chinese takeout, or enjoy with some sweeeeeeeet and saucey BBQ.

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