Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recipe: Mug Cakes and Cookies

I have a sweet tooth. It could really be described as an addiction. It's habitual, definitely dating back to my early childhood years of dunking Keebler Fudge Stripes in milk, dismantling Oreos to eat away the white icing, and drizzling chocolate sauce over my ice cream.

Not everyone in my household shares my sweet addiction ::cough:: ::cough::, the husband.... But luckily the interwebz/Pinterest is a blaze of glory with all of these microwave mug/ramekin recipes sprouting up everywhere lately. 

This is a good thing. I am a semisweet chocolate chip person, whereas he is a milk chocolate chip person. If you didn't know there wears a difference, well, I didn't either until I met him.

It also mean I can have my cake and eat it too, and not worry about the rest of the "cake" that only I would be eating. Or the cleanup.

So, I had a chocolate raspberry mug cake a la mode, and I made a chocolate chip cookie (milk chocolate chips of course!) a la mode for the Husband. 

For the mug cake, I didn't have apple cider vinegar (okay I did but it had weird floaty things in it and no longer smelled eatable) so I used balsamic vinegar. It whipped up in two minutes, but I didn't follow the instructions- I plopped a scoop of Dulce De Leche ice cream on the cake and devoured its ooey, chocolates bits.

The cookie was just as easy, the only thing I strayed from recipe wise was adding another tablespoon of brown sugar (but that's just a taste preference). 

All in all, home runs. No eggs. No bowls of batter. No sticky hands. No waiting for the desert to bake while you snack on cookie dough/batter then 20 minute later are no longer hungry for the desert you set out to make.... (is that just me?) 

Really, if your mug is big enough you can make the cake in one mug. The cookie can definitely be made and cooked in one dish (microwave safe of course!)

Happy Sweet Eating!

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