Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vino Travels: City tour of Belize & Rum Tasting

Stopping in Belize was a blast. We has a bus tour around sites of Belize, with a stop at the Museum, AND it ended with a Rum Tasting. You will have to pardon my camera angles; the bus ride was bumpy. The irony is the best/straightest shots are taken during the rum tasting!

Japan Consulate in Belize

The Marine Parade Monument / Maya Roundabout

Museum of Belize - used to be the Prison!

At the Museum we learned that Belize is known for their Mohagany, their national bird is the Tucan, the national animal is the Tapir (mountain cow!), and the National Flower is the Black Orchid. We saw old bottles, stamps, a prison cell and prison disciplinary devices [whips/shackles], a LARGE collection of insects ( I literally have over 12 pictures of cases of giant beetles and moths and butterflies, as shown above) and Mayan Artifacts.

Then. We went Rum tasting.

Barrels and Barrels of Rum
My family, at sampling some rum. Yes, we wore hard hats!

So the Rum tasting was  definitely  interesting. As in we thought we were only going to taste 5 rums. And we did. And then they took our tour group inside. And we tasted 5 more. And 3 wines. We were definitely hammered by the end of the tasting, and pretty hungry!

Prince Harry's Rum???
Apparently this was Prince Harry's favorite rum when he visited Belize. It was named after him. We bought a bottle. It came in a  fancy schmancy  purple velour bag. I do remember it being exceptionally smooth. But then again, I didn't take notes, and if I did, I don't remember.....

The ROMPOPE! ( far right) was my favorite... and a hit with the rest of the fam and the tour group we were with. It was a delicious Rum Cream. Although I don't crave it now, I am saving it for the holidays. It was a little reminiscent of pumpkin cheesecake.... mmmm.

Old Timey Methods of making RUM

These were different wines, Cashew, Sorrel, and Blackberry. They were interesting. I do recall liking the Blackberry wine the best though.
The Current Distillery 

My mom and I, buying booze. You can definitely see how inebriated I was. Perhaps that is why they have you exit through the gift shop?

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