Monday, March 25, 2013

Vino Travels: Caribbean Cruise

Earlier this year we went on a Caribbean Cruise with my Husband's family to celebrate my grandparent-in-law's Birthdays!

It was my first cruise, and a lot of fun. There was a lot to do, and see, and experience (while sea sickness was part of it...). It was wonderful spending time with my in-laws and getting to know his (big!) family better. I come from a small family, and being welcomed to such a fun and loving bunch was really very endearing.

And now I shall share some culinary  treats from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - the Liberty was the ship we sailed on.

After arriving on the boat, we met family for Drinks while waiting to depart to sea.  We ordered Japanese Collins  which were a Collins made with Midori Melon. Our of this world! 

 Soon we were Champagne toasting an Au Revoir to the US and saying Bonjour to blue seas
The champagne [and chocolate covered strawberries] was a DELECTABLE gift from our Aunt and Uncle. Really kicked off the trip as we set sail!  Thank you again!

 This was my starter, one of the evening dinners. A smoked chicken breast and apple salad. It was light and delicious!
 Seafood ravioli. Because you have to have it at least once.

We smuggled out own assortment of Wines to drink in private quarters with the rest of the family.
[Twisted Merlot, WoodBridge Cabernet and Pinot Noir, Stone Cellars Chardonnay, Columbia Crest Cabernet]

This was hands down my favorite Starter - it was a puff pastry topped with a purreed artichoke and eggplant paste, with roasted red peppers, and topped with Arugula. Most excellent, and delectable!

**More in the Caribbean Cruise posts: Rum Tasting in Belize, Wine Tasting, Cozumel Dining and Shopping Strip!

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