Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Vino Is Moving

What? When? Where? How?

Well let's rewind to Early January.

I spent that month in a whirl wind.

We went on a cruise to Belize and Cozumel. There was much booze, (RUM) and seasickness, great food, and adventure. We returned home for my grandfather-in-laws funeral and services and spent time with my husbands family.

Somewhere in the middle of that my husband recieceved a phone call from his employer with the offer of a promotion and a transfer.


To the great Mid West!

We had just settled. I was promoted at work 3 months ago, and to be honest, I am a spoiled Californian.

I have never known cold. Cold days here are 50-55 degrees.

Soon we were back on that whirl wind, flying to Minneapolis. We met with a realtor (and decided he was awesome!) and looked for our future home.

So now I am finishing up my last week(s) of work, spending time with friends, family, and running around like a loony bird taking care of last minute tasks and hiccups.

I have had little time to muse over the wonders of local wine, but boy have I been drinking!

We needed to downsize our wine fridge for the trip ahead. It was a hard task but someone's gotta do it and I was unquestionably the girl for the job.

By early March I will be a Midwestern girl.

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