Friday, December 7, 2012

Grocery Store Vino Fresh & Easy

So a friend of mine stayed with me for thanksgiving weeked. She told be she views my blog but is sad I don't update. I told her the ideas of topics I wanted to cover, describe, share, but I just never do them.

She encouraged me [first and foremost, to drink more wine!], to actually carry out these ideas.

So we went to Fresh and Easy and picked out some wines in the following price points:

3.99 Unwined Pinot Noir
4.99 First Fleet Shiraz
6.99 Matuco Cab Sauv
8.99 Confectioner's Sweet Symphony - sweet red

The idea here is to find cheap grocery store wines and compare them to other grocery store deals [and steals!], to see what makes the cut, and what just..., doesn't.

Keep reading for the reviews ;-)

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