Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vino Travels: Point Lobos State Reserve

Back in January sometime the Husband and I took a road trip to <i>Point Lobos State Reserve</i> which is about 45 minutes north of Monterrey's Cannery Row.

It was a warm and  sunny day, no overcast; clear blue skies and lush turquoise waters. Point Lobos is a beautiful reserve that marries the woods and the sea.

It was also the starting point of inspiration for us to travel California, my home state, in search of other beautiful State Parks and Reserves (and wineries near by... I can't resist the California grapes!).

a view from the Sea Lion Point Trail

 Gorgeous Blue Waters
 Down in the Sea Lion Cove
 A view from  Whalers Knoll Trail
another couple of lookouts from the Whalers Knoll trail
We started off on Sea Lion Point Trail, and in the distance we saw a rock of fat and happy sea lions bathing and "owk-ing"  throwing their chubby little bodies against rocks as waves crashed into them. Later we realized they were using the waves as momentum to mount the rocks and sun bathe.

After the Sea Lion Point Trail, we made our way up past the Lace Lichen Trail to Whalers Knoll; a steep incline that led to breathtaking views out to Bluefish Cove, Guillemot Island, and eventually to Cypress Cove.

After a morning of hiking, we met up with friends in Cannery Row back in Monterrey and tasted at Bargetto Winery's tasting room, and Carmel Ridge. Bargetto serves several delicious Meads from Chaucer's - but also has an amazing 2009 Dolcetto, and 2010 Pinot Grigio (and other good reds and whites!). Carmel Ridge, however, won my heart with their Syrah and Cabernet.

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday - walking amidst nature and drinking great wine!

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