Friday, October 28, 2011


We married last Saturday. Paso Robles is officially our mecha of wine. Only on your honey moon is it acceptable to be drunk at 10 am [off of Tobin James wine!]

We stayed at la Bellaserra, dined at the on site restaurant a few times and went to 6 wineries in Paso, outlet shopped in pismo, toured Hearst Castle, and sat in a giant whirl pool soaking tub for hours each night, with Lush bath bombs until we were prunes.

Last night we met back up with the inlaws to have a fine Italian dinner before their flight back east, and invited close friends over to finish the bottles they brought with them from the cottage at de Lourimier in Sonoma.

Needless to say, I was hammered. It's times like this, good food, great wine, and amazing friends that make life beautiful.

I love my new family; I love my new husband.

Life is truly one great adventure.

Pictures: Enoteca breakfast scramble: shitake mushrooms, pasted chicken and Brie

Wine glasses with the parents and friends

Half moon navy nails that did not make the wedding cut

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