Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cabernet Wine Night

Hello friends! Pardon my Hiatus. I had to go put on my big girl panties (got a job!), organize my life (so many wedding plans situated now) and mentally check in (I have no annecdote for this comment, but usually chains of three provide good blogging).

It is exactly 1 month until the big day. But we are not here to discuss weddings. We are going to discuss.... dun dun dunnnnnn ..... WINE

Last night we had an impromptu wine tasting party. After stocking up on some wine essentials (good mozzarella, tomatoes, grapes, kettle chips, nuts, and wasabi peas), as well as 5 bottles from Old Doc's, we got the party ready.

The wines:
A - Two Vines 2008 vintage, Washington State $7.19
B - Garnacha de Fuego 2009 vintage, Spain $7.49
C - Francis Coppola Black Label Claret 2009 vintage, Alexander Valley $21.00
D - The Naked Grape, Modesto $5.98
E - Nonini Vineyards, Fresno $18.00

Nonini happens to be our favorite wine (and is also a local winery we frequent!). Most nights we have a tendency to shove Nonini down everyone's throats so we decided to hide it amongst the rest and see how it really scores. Mind you, no one at the party was a proffesional, or self proclaimed expert. We are all neophytes, finding our own way through this wine filled world!

The results?

Dun dun....dun dun.... dunnnnnnnn

Nonini scored the room's favorite for it's smoothness, and slightly sweeter taste.

The Coppola, however, won the hearts of the two Tannin fans.

The Spanish wine, Garnacha de Fuego, was a second place wine, a good pick for it's price.

To our surprise the Washington (Two Vines) wine scored the least liked. It was still a good wine, but for $5.98 a bottle of Naked Grape beat it out.

Last night was a success, and we're planning on holding other tasting parties. Next wine night?


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