Friday, May 16, 2014

Recipe: Cookie Dough Ice cream with Cookie Dough Bites

Taking Ice-cream to the next level.

I have Zite for my iPhone and iPad, and my usual stream is health, recipes, and natural beauty products. Mostly recipes though because I am crazy serious about food, how its prepared, and trying new things. I just love eating and the dining experience.

brown sugar is a key ingredient to the "cookie dough" flavor

So when a recipe for cookie dough ice-cream without any dough popped into my feed (via, I had to make it for the Husband. And threw in a little extra of the egg less dough I blogged about a few weeks back.

beginning the tempering process


look at the custard thicken!

almost there, just have to freeze it

Toasted butter is the secret here. It adds the complex flavor of cookie dough to this recipe and is genius. Yes, this summer is the summer of mastering the making of ice-cream.... and perhaps wine ice-cream as well!

perfectly soft and easy to scoop icecream

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