Friday, April 4, 2014

Wine: Nimble Hill Reserve Gewurztraminer

I have talked about Nimble Hill before. It's a delicious vineyard, winery and brewery in Tunkhannock Pennsylvania.  Every time we visit my in-laws, we either stop here or have my in-laws get a couple of bottles for us.

Buying wines outside of that grapes growing region can be tricky. Red wines don't always grow well in Pennsylvania and can be watered down in taste. But that's not the case with this winery, and certainly not with this wine since we are talking about white wines. Gewurztraminer grows in this region, and it grows well.

Typically, we chill our white wine glasses, and take our white wine from the wine fridge to the refrigerator for optimal chilling.   It helps keep the wine as cold as possible for as long as possible and maximizes your drinking experience.

I had the Hubs pick a bottle of white to pair with dinner - spicy chicken pad thai  - and he did an excellent job with this pairing. I am not sure if he is paying attention when we go wine tasting or if he just got lucky in his pick, but he paired this meal extremely well.

ingredients for the pad thai

This Gewurztraminer was light and easy to drink. Initially, it's a little sweet on the tongue, but soft with notes of lychee and a little peach.  The mouth feel is velvety, and there is a crisp finish that is slightly dry down the throat.  Not too sweet. Not too dry. Perfect.


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