Friday, April 11, 2014

Wine: Club W Shipment - Cosmopolitan Sauvignon Blanc

 We paired this juicy little treat (yes, juicy) with my ultimate macaroni and cheese.  This led me to a food coma and carbohydrate overload but it was well worth the sacrifice.

Cosmopolitan Sauvignon Blanc isn't a traditional Sauv Blanc. It is juicy with tropical notes that the label notates as mango.  I did pick that up; mango, pineapple, and a soft juicy base.  When I describe this wine as juicy, in no way am I saying that it is sweet. It has a nice dry and crisp finish so the overall fruitiness isn't overpowering..

I am actually pleasantly surprised by this wine.  I was expecting a traditional grassy and herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc. This was more like a wine cocktail gone very right.

This wine is very easy to drink, by itself or with food. Club W did a good job suggesting this wine. At 13.00 dollars a bottle, I wouldn't object to drinking it again.

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