Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bella Vino: Vina Robles Red 4

Bella Vino is a tasting bar in Fig Garden Shopping Plaza in, alas, Fresno. I got to meet up with a friend who recently moved back to the Central Valley from Minnesota. We have a mutual appreciation for wine and good food so it only made sense to meet at a tasting bar.

Bella Vino is a lovely place. It was a quiet afternoon when we entered but it had a romantic and rich ambiance, decked with dark hard wood floors, shelves and tables. And I know they know their wine when I saw bottles of Alban white and red on the shelves (one of our faves!). 

We settled for a bottle of Vina Robles Red 4, straight out of Paso Robles. This 2011 Vintage was a blend of Syrah 35%, Petite Sirah 25%, Mourvèdre 25%, and Grenache 15%. I had had the pleasure of tasting at Vina Robles before, only I was a little too far down on the wine train and can't remember what I tasted, other than that it was very good.

I am glad my "drunk taste buds" hold a good memory because this was an excellent easy drinking blend.  Juicy but still a robust red. Not so tannic, but notes of spice. 

A perfect wine to have with friends.

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