Friday, March 21, 2014

Wine: Bolla Moscato

At the last Crescendo wine tasting night we tasted one of the best Moscato wines that I have ever had.

And I drink a lot of Moscato, come summer.

At 10$ a bottle, with a special tasting discount marking it down to $7, I couldn't resist stocking up for summer (which will get here eventually? right?)

Bolla is an Italian wine. My first experience with the Vinter dates back to -2011 - where the Husband and I shared a bottle of Bolla at my favorite Italian place back home.

This wine is lovely. It's soft, bubbly, and lightly sweet so it will please most peoples palates. It's not an "in your face, I already feel a cavity coming on" syrup, like some sweet wines can be.

Apparently the "Suave" is the sweeter version, if sweetness tickles your fancy.

Honestly, I don't pair Moscatos with desert because for me it would be too sweet. They are usually enjoyed in a casual drinking setting, with other snacks; a really good loaf of french bread and a plate of artisan cheeses.  That's a meal that makes me weak in the knees.

California friends: go stock your wine fridge. Summer's calling on you early, and now is the time to drink Moscato on the patio. I will be patiently waiting in the North here for all the snow to finish melting.


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