Monday, February 24, 2014

Wine: Eberle's Better Half

My Valentine's day was very nice.

After a year of complaining about our mattress, the Husband finally caved and agreed to take me mattress shopping a week ago. Our delivery of the new, miracle, super comfy Sealy Posturepedic was set for Valentines day. How Romantic! But over joyous too, you see, the Husband is a huge cuddle, which means I turn into his Human Body Pillow. We had a knock-off sleep number bed that didn't move from rental to rental to rental to our final home, very well (the foam topper ripped in two....) and eventually the dreaded "crack" was formed in our bed. This is when most nights, I, the Human Body Pillow, would unknowingly end up in "the crack" and awaken with 190 lbs of male on top of me, a stiff back, and 30 lbs of puppies blocking my roll away escape technique.

Needless to say new bed saves me from the nightmare of a stiff back.  Really, who needs flowers on Valentines day when you can finally stop dreaming of the day you can go to bed comfortably? 

End mattress rant. 

We made a simple dinner of T-bone Steaks, hassleback red potatoes, salad, and dun dun dun DUN, Eberle's Better Half wine, a yummy blend of 51% Zinfandel, 49% Cabernet Sauvignon. 

It's a nice hardy red, with a dry finish that I will attribute to the Cabernet, some berry notes that keep it juicy, and a little bit of leather. It has a beautiful dark cranberry color, and a spicey nose that resonates and balances with the taste of the wine itself.  In other words, its good wine and it's easy to share a bottle.

Eberle's Better Half. Share it with your better half. 

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