Friday, December 6, 2013

Wine: Chento Malbec

In the winter months there is this wine tasting class that meets at my favorite restaurant in town. I adore it. You pay $5 to sample 8 wines that you most likely have never had before. What's better than that? I mean, when I am at a liquor store, I usually go with "who has the prettiest picture" if I have never had the wine. Then I go by the description.

Then, in theory, if I actually paid attention to vintages and what a "good year" was, I would theoretically go by that year.

These classes take the hastle out of all that thinking.

Enter Chento Malbec. This is an Argentina Malbec, rich, full bodies and beautiful in color. The color is a dark deep red.  It would pair well with beef dishes, or hearty pastas, but I do think it would pair nicely with a crusty loaf of bread and artisan cheeses.  Be prepared for warm, lovely tannin's coating your mouth. This is a well rounded red wine.

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