Friday, November 29, 2013

Recipe: Sticky Sweet Buns!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year it was just me and the Husband, eating 13lbs of Turkey (not in one sitting) after brine-ing the bird for 3 days and smoking it for 7 hours.
Chuck Hugh's Turkey Brine

So I decided to do something fun for breakfast - after the many times the Husband said "I hate surprises, just tell me what you are making", I told him. Cinnamon Buns with a side of Bacon.

a silken, perfect dough!
I followed this recipe over at Raspberri Cupcakes. In theory I should have made the dough the night before and let it rise. And rise. And rise. So that it would be ready for breakfast.  That was my mistake, so we endd up having bacon and eggs, followed by cinnamon buns for second breakfast. But that's okay, because in our resolve to have a lazy, "Compy" holiday, we have really just lounged around playing video games and eating buns while the Turkey smokes away.

Rise some more
These buns are insanely delish. And they should be. No sane person would ever question the deliciousness of a cinnamon bun if they knew the amount of butter that when into making it; it's a win by default! By the time they were done, he had eaten half of the buns.
Ah, the plated beauty

I'd like to think I have established a new tradition - Thanksgiving Morning will always be about home-made buns, and caramelized bacon paired together in perfect harmony - and next year I will make the dough the night before..

Don't bother me, I am eating.

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  1. Hey Girl. Your buns look good. JB