Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Recipe: Nutty Irishman

I love a good mudslide, so I took what I had on hand and made it a little bit... Nutty:

3-4 ice cubes
3-4 scoops vanilla coconut ice cream *
1-2 shots baileys Irish cream
1 cup vanilla almond milk **

Blend ingredients until desired consistency is reached.

Swirl in chocolate syrup, as much or little as desired.

Enjoy said nightcap/desert.

* Any Vanilla icecream will do, soy, coconut, dairy, almond, lactaid. Gelato. Yogurt. I am pretty sure you can't do wrong.
** Don't have vanilla almond milk? how about coconut milk? Soy? Rice? Dairy is cool. Just throw in a dash of vanilla extract. But it wont be nutty! 

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