Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wine: Confectioner's Sweet Symphony & Pink Moscato

The second part of the fresh & easy vino continues!

[I actually added a wine to this review, confectioner's pink wine.]

Both were priced at 8.99 at Fresh & Easy.

Confectioner's pink moscato is sweet and light. It's actually a good "summer punch" (making a cocktail out of sprite and confectioner's pink moscato)

It was sweet, and light with subtle rosey notes.

Sweet symphony was darker in contrast. This wine screams autumn, in it's rich burgundy color and flavor or rum soaked raisins (heavy dried fruit reconstituted in syrup flavor). It was smooth but tart rather than sweet. Probably the most different sweet red wine I have tasted.

The pink moscato was good, but the sweet red was better. I give the pink moscato a 3 out of 5, and the sweet red a 4 out of 5 (mostly because it was so different from anything I have had, in a pleasant way). The red is definitely a fall wine and something I would enjoy (or put in the same rainy/snowy/cold-day-by-the fire category) with Quady's Vya sweet vermouth or Nimble Hill's Port.


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  1. I love sweet wines! They are such great treats after dinner.