Friday, August 10, 2012

Wine: Nonini Zinfandel

Nonini is a local winery, my favorite to be exact. Of all the Fresno wineries, Nonini has rocked my socks off on several wine trail occasions. The Husbabd and I adore Nonini so much, we had their Barbera and Burgundy served at our wedding.

It's hard to pick a favorite but the Burgundy would have to be it, hands down.

There are so many robust reds, the Barbera, Burgundy, Zin, Chianti, Alicante Bouschet, and a Sweet Zin so anyone can find a favorite.

These vines are local grown and 60-80 years old, and fermented in the same oak and redwood barrels that were used 3 generations ago.

This Zin is warm, with berry notes and a subtle spice, with a velvety mouth feel and a smooth finish.

Nonini is a staple in our home, a go to wine for any night, any occasion.

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