Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wine Time: Morovino Winery Review

Morovino Winery is located in Avila Beach, California. It is the home to two of the first two Pinot Grigio's that have floored me in a long while. Nay nay; I am not prejudiced of any wine, I love all equally and... Perhaps too affectionately ... We all have out go-to white wines and mine are usually Chardonnay or moscato varieties. [My favorite pinot gri was a White Cranberry Pinot Grigio produced by a Clovis, Ca winery, Water 2 Wine, who unfortunately went out of business (shakes fist to the sky)].

We stumbled across Morovino this past weekend while enjoying a day trip to the beach to celebrate a friends' birthday. This day included soaking up sun on the beach until we were baked and burned like roasted tomatoes, partaking in comprised jello cups (chamboard and raspberry jello shot recipe to follow eventually...) and celebrating her birthday at every single winery we walked into. Literally. Wineries within one block of each other, as if we already didn't have a reason to celebrate.

Morovino was stop #1.

All 5 wines were delicious at this venue, with 2 Pinot Grigio varieties, a Barbera, Malbec, and a Dolcetto. I have a soft spot for Barberas; there is something about the robust but smooth nature I adore in that variety... All wines, however, were exceptionally delicious, smooth, and true to their name.

I even bought a coaster to add to my collection of winery coasters (the label is a pretty colorful bird). I am a sucker for overpriced gifts at gift shops. The insanity will not stop until I have 8 coasters for my coffee table!!!

You should be warned, you can call the bird that is their label a hawk, a seagull... Even a chicken. Pretty much anything but a duck. You will get cut off for this blasphemy!!! Of course this was our first stop of the day, so we had no issues of sputtering out bird names ... It was a delightful stop located next to a taqueria with delicious fish tacos. Definitely worth a stop for your next visit. Follow it up with a fish taco... And a "jello cup"...

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